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Pong Wars Party Game

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Beer versus Prosecco: the ultimate clash! Enjoy this hilarious battle of the beverages at your next party. The twist on the classic beer pong game, Pong Wars offers the definitive choice: are you on the side of the delicate grape-based fizz or the hoppy, malty flavours of bitter or lager? The game comes complete with 6 plastic beer glasses, 6 plastic Prosecco coupes and 3 red ping pong balls. Rules of the game are as follows: two teams stand at either end of a table and line up the 12 plastic tumblers filled with your preferred beer or Prosecco. The aim of the game is to throw a ping pong ball into one of your opponent’s cups. If the ball lands in the cup, your opponent removes the cup and enjoys the tipple. The game is over when all of the cups from one side have been removed. Great fun for get togethers with friends, parties and barbecues, Pong Wars will get you all drinking, disagreeing and laughing.

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