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Llama Money Box

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No money? No prob-Llama! Start saving with the help of this cute camelid and before you know it you'll be globe trotting around South America hanging out with the real things! A fun gift for Llama farmers, (and other people in need of a money box), this is great way to turn the pennies into pounds. A ceramic money box in the shape of an iconic beast of burden, the Llama Money Box is a quirky gift that brings joy and Llama wisdom to whoever owns it. Well known in the Americas for their shrewd investments, Llamas are the perfect place to store your loose change - so let the Llama Money Box oversee your savings with its keen financial eye and lanolin-free woolly temperament. An ideal gift solution for birthdays, Christmas stocking fillers or even the office Secret Santa, the Llama Money Box is part of the Box 51 gift range from Paladone. Box 51 aims to provide modern gifts and accessories for the home, lovingly designed with contemporary style and a touch of humour.

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