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Grown Your Own Super Smoothie

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The Grow Your Own Super Smoothie kit contains everything you need to grow yourself a nutrient-rich smoothie. The kit includes three easy to grow plants including kale, strawberry and beetroot, starter growing pots made from coconut husk, wooden plant markers and compost discs made from coconut husk that expand when they are watered. Simply offer your plants some TLC, add water and sunshine and in time they will reward you with your very own smoothie ingredients. The little kit is a fun gift idea and a great option for a window sill when growing space is limited. Features: Grow Your Own Super Smoothie Includes: 1 x kale seeds, 1 x strawberry seeds, 1 x beetroot, starter growing pots, coconut husk compost discs, wooden plant markers Great for window boxes and pots where space is limited

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