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Suitable for all kinds of dried herbs, spices, sea salt and peppercorns, the mini Jasmin Grinder from Crushgrind features a transparent glass jar with a ceramic grinding mechanism. The unit is placed upside down so it will not leave spice or salt crystals on your work top. Easy to fill, simply unscrew the grinder and fill from the top. The useful mini size means it is great for use both at home and on the go. Features: Jasmin Spice Grinder – Clear Transparent glass jar with ceramic grinding mechanism Suitable for dried herbs, spices, sea salt, peppercorns Easy to fill by unscrewing the head Useful mini size suitable for the home and on the go Material: Plastic/Glass Size: Dimensions: H: 11cm

Crushgrind Jasmin Spice Grinder - Clear (112mm)

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