Goodyear 4-Way Cross Wheel Wrench from Discount Experts
Goodyear 4-Way Cross Wheel Wrench

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<ul> <li>Tightening bolts is wheelie easy with the Goodyear 4-Way Cross Wheel Wrench</li> <li>4-way fixed cross design has four different wrenches to be used</li> <li>Ideal for bolts on the wheels of cars, vans, bikes and other vehicles</li> <li>Super-sturdy design and materials</li> <li>Measures: 17mm, 19mm, 21mm and 23mm</li> <li>Materials: grade A Carbon Steel</li> <li>Save 72% on the Goodyear 4-Way Cross Wheel Wrench - now only 6.99 pounds </li> </ul>

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